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At PraevalidIS, we understand that you have business to do. Communication and collaboration are at the core of business functionality. But when our ability to share information and do our jobs is threatened by malicious or negligent activity, you need a solution that works for you and with you. We like to say at PraevalidIS that we are,

“Your Department of Know”.

Security requirements and operations need to exist in harmony. Achieving that balance comes with understanding your security risks as well as how risk mitigation strategies can impact your business positively and negatively. Let us work with your team to give you the power and knowledge to overcome the information privacy, security, and compliance challenges in the way of protecting your information, all while maintaining the right balance to keep your work, working!

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PraevalidIS, LLC is an organization with over 40 years of experience in educating, training, and providing expert guidance on information security programs and systems configurations. We understand that trends and technology come and go so we focus on time-tested and accepted best-practices of information security. Our team members have completed projects in both the private and public sector. From providing configuration guidance on critical infrastructure, to the small businesses just focused on compliance, by leveraging our understanding of your organization's needs in conjunction with technical know-how, your organization can successfully balance operations and security.


It takes constant research to keep up with information security best practice, and trends. Because attacks and technology are always changing, we reduce the risk to the organization by reinforcing the fundamentals of information protection as they apply to both emerging and existing technologies. Continuing security education can be used to accelerate certification programs, understand compliance requirements, and spark organizational innovation.


Training is where education and operations meet, uniting in powerful application of knowledge to the specifics of your organization. Whether it is simply general security awareness for all members of the organization, or there is a need for custom practices to protect your organization's unique information assets, PraevalidIS’ methods of training eliminate uncertainty surrounding the “how” of information security for your organization's needs.

Expert Guidance

With experience in all variety of systems, organizations, industries, and sectors, the experts at PraevalidIS will come alongside stakeholders to help align your organization with requirements and security best practice. Through mindful consultation and collaboration, we will work with you to craft the security program your organization needs so that you can rest assured that your company will not be the next major cybercrime headline. 

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Holistic Security Programs


Quantitative Cyber Risk Analysis


Compliance Program Alignment


Information Security Readiness Assessment


Cloud Security Architecture Assessment


IoT / ICS Security Guidance

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